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Whether you are a small business, large institution,  property, store or floor manager or a residential homeowner if your property or workplace has carpet then it is more than likely that every now and again it will require specialised services by a team of carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpets tend to trap and collect all sorts of things from hair, dirt, dust, food particles, clothing fibres and liquids they can all get entangled in the fibres of your carpet and overtime can cause damage to the carpet itself. These things are often too small for the naked eye to see and sometimes too entangled for standard vacuums to remove.

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Standard supermarket-bought carpet cleaning agents can only do so much and may actually cause more damage when used incorrectly. Many contain harsh chemicals which can damage both your carpet and anyone who could be in contact with the carpet.

Carpets might not be properly cleaned even after using top-of-the-line products and may not be as clean or hygienic as expected. Carpets when left unattended for long periods of time can accumulate dust particles and mites due to its texture which can be quite harmful. People with allergies may experience flares of allergic reactions from the microscopic contaminants caught in the fibres, this is not only bad for the individuals themselves but also something to keep in mind if you are a business owner or manager.

We want your home and place of work to support the health and safety of all its staff and residents. That is why our dedicated team of experts cater for various institutions, regardless of the location or condition of the pre-existing environment; we prioritise the same result, a safe and hygienic environment for all.