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Commercial Cleaning

The standard of commercial cleaning

Commercial businesses have been brought into the spotlight as some of the most important businesses which are required to uphold the highest quality of hygiene practices. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic it has become vital for institutions such as corporate offices, entertainment venues, fitness centres, indoor and outdoor sporting centres and financial offices to be meeting the highest standards in regard to cleanliness and hygiene in order to remain open; and to minimise the potential risk of becoming a hot spot for spreading infection.

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Corporate Settings and Shared Spaces

Due to the nature of these businesses which are often influenced by their structural floor plan and physical capabilities to hold staff, clients and consumers, shared spaces are a regular and common normality. As Victorians working in these industries start to return to work, the cleanliness of these shared spaces become a central focus for all those who interact with them.

If these environments are not thoroughly cleaned by professionals and if they do not meet the hygiene standards that are required by the Victorian government under the Occupational Health and Safety Act then many staff, clients, consumers, customers and visitors to these locations are at risk of injury or illness.

These spaces include everything from meeting rooms, break rooms, bathrooms as well as client areas and personal desks. Even if these spaces are separated by walls and situated far apart it is important to routinely clean them as many viruses spread via small droplets, air-conditioning units, and through high-touch areas like shared coffee machines and printers.

That is why our dedicated team of experts can cater for various sized institutions and regardless of the location or condition of the pre-existing environment we prioritize the same result – a safe and hygienic environment for all.