COVID-19 Cleaning Services Melbourne

COVID-19 Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Against COVID-19

A large number of our pre-existing clients are made up of healthcare and medical businesses, this is ultimately because we understand the nature of the work involved and the subsequent potential exposure to illness and injury a lower grade of cleaning and hygiene standards could inflict. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the standards upheld by our cleaning teams and by our business are higher than they have ever been.

As a business we believe it is imperative that all of our dedicated teams of cleaning professionals follow the Victorian government’s official regulations and requirements when it comes to meeting COVID Safe hygiene and cleaning standards. We communicate regularly with our employees about updates and new findings so that all staff are up to date.

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COVID Safe Cleaning

Our understanding of the requirements needed in maintaining a COVID Safe environment is extremely high not only due to our vast experience in the healthcare and medical industries but because it is important to us as a business to ensure whenever possible the upmost care is taken to meet high-quality standards.

We train all staff regularly in the use of the latest technologies, chemicals and solutions, cleaning equipment, in order for them to be constantly ensuring the highest and safest possible quality of service. This includes the use of PPE as well as maintaining physical distancing when on jobs and reporting any issues.

In every cleaning job our team is driven to eliminate any possible negative or unwanted consequences arising from the maintenance of these sites such as cross-contamination or incidental exposure as well as physical injury and serious accidents. Regularly training our staff helps us to maintain a high standard of service and to ensure the health and safety of our clients, their consumers or customers, the wider community and that of our own employees too.