Effective commercial office cleaning solutions in preventing the spread of novel coronavirus


COVID-19 has affected the lives of people all over the world in so many ways. Companies, in particular, are extra perturbed than before. A typical office is populated by a large number of employees, all of whom come from many different places. With how closely employees interact daily, anything from the regular winter flu, to COVID-19 can be spread.   

The COVID-19 scare is a reality in just about any office still operating today. A person does not even have to show symptoms for them to become a carrier of this deadly virus. As a result, governments have asked companies to enact preventive measures such as transitioning to a work from home or rearranging desks and workspaces to allow employees to maintain physical distancing. The most important preventive measure of all? Regular office cleaning. 

In this article, learn about how commercial office cleaning for your Melbourne office actively prevents the spread of COVID-19.  

A quick refresher on COVID-19

Although COVID-19 spreads pretty fast (as evidenced by the rising number of cases worldwide), it’s important to remember that one can stop it in its tracks.   ​

COVID-19 is characterised as a droplet virus. Droplets can travel from person to person when a carrier coughs or sneezes, but droplets can also land on surfaces and survive there for a few hours up to a few days. This means that when one touches a contaminated surface and later touches their eyes, mouth, or nose, they may soon contract the virus. What this means though is that regular disinfection of your hands, as well as the surfaces you touch, is the main way to protect oneself from the virus.

The situation in Victoria 

In Victoria, cases under investigation peaked in March and later dropped in mid-April to early June. But starting mid-June, Victoria experienced a new rise in COVID-19 community transmission. As a result, physical distancing measures that were previously lifted are now re-enforced.   

This only means that establishments in Victoria should be even more careful so that the number of cases doesn’t continue increasing in the coming days. Availing of commercial office cleaning Melbourne will help achieve that.   

Office cleaning services allow Melbourne workers to continue earning a living while the storm that is COVID-19 passes through. Continuing operations is a risk, but by making sure your office stays virus-free, you get to keep health, safety, and even business threats at bay.

What type of cleaning services would you need? 

Special attention for high-touch surfaces  
As mentioned above, one of the ways the virus spreads is through contact with a contaminated surface. Professional office cleaners will focus on surfaces that employees touch many times during the day. Examples of high-touch surfaces are:   

  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Tables
  • Handrails
  • Telephones
  • Computer hardware like keyboards and mouses

The concern around high-touch surfaces is not even how they should be cleaned. A few sprays of strong alcohol can already decontaminate these surfaces. The main challenge is in keeping them clean. Your professional cleaning service will give these surfaces a thorough clean using the appropriate cleaning chemicals and tools, but you will also do well to equip employees with sanitising sprays for their hands and the surfaces they touch. 

Office disinfection or sanitisation
Office disinfection is a large scale decontamination session where your cleaning service applies techniques such as fogging or spraying. Cleaning equipment such as a pump sprayer should be able to coat a large section of the office with a disinfectant in just a few seconds. After that, spraying may also be performed to disinfect more constricted spaces. Expect some wiping to be performed as well: floors, walls, tables, and other surfaces will be wiped down with a cleaning cloth that is soaked in a disinfectant solution.

Office disinfection may be performed as many times as you wish. If your office is a high-traffic office with a large population of employees or clients coming in every day, you might need to have your office disinfected more frequently. This can be done after hours so that you can still carry on with business during the day. 

Standard clean
At your request, your commercial office cleaning services can also include a standard, routine office cleaning. This involves sweeping and mopping floors, taking out the rubbish, cleaning toilets and sinks, providing consumables, and more. Not only will this ensure that your office looks and smells perfect despite the pandemic, but it will also give your staff the peace of mind that they need to work productively amidst everything that’s going on in the world today.

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At CNA Cleaning Services, we understand that keeping offices clean is even more essential today than ever. For over twenty years now, we have kept offices, schools, health care centres, and other spaces in Melbourne safe and healthy places to be in.   ​

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