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Frequently Asked Questions

At CNA Cleaning, we are committed to providing you with the best services in retail, warehouse, school, or commercial office cleaning in Melbourne. As such, we are prepared to attend to all of your concerns and respond to any queries you might have at the booking stage. Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions we receive.

General Questions


Please see our contact page to request a quote.

​A member from our client services team will be in contact with you to schedule a suitable day and time for the site inspection. 

​No at all! If you prefer, we can access the premises after-hours for cleaning and maintenance.

Absolutely. Our site supervisors will provide a recommended cleaning schedule following a site visit. You can follow the recommended plan or suggest a preferred cleaning frequency

Our competitive quotes are tailored to your cleaning requirements. That’s why we perform a site visit to ensure our quotes are as accurate as possible. A site inspection helps us determine the equipment, labor power and hours required to successfully execute the maintenance job.

All payments are via EFT and based on terms as stipulated on your original contract.

While we are confident about the quality of the work we perform to your fullest satisfaction, we understand this may not always be the case. That’s why we work closely with our clients to resolve any dissatisfactions with service.

Yes you are most welcome to reschedule bookings and we would appreciate advanced notice with the rescheduling so that we are able to efficiently allocate our staff while accommodating your request.

This significantly varies and depends on the complexity of the cleaning task. 

We use recommended, commercial grade cleaning supplies.  

All employees undergo mandatory police checks and must maintain an active working-with-children card if required.  

Yes, we can. We work closely with a number of retail clients who require after-hours cleaning services. 

Yes, we use commercial grade disinfectants that contain over 95% alcohol volume.

Our competitive warehouse quotes are based on area and hours. Contact us for a site inspection today! 

Our intricate carpet cleaning services include stain and mold treating, shampooing and disinfection.  

Yes, not all floors can be cleaned in the same way. From the typical concrete floor to evergreen stone floors, we have the techniques and all equipment required to perform a shine that lasts! 

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If your question or concern is not found on this list of FAQs, feel free to ask us directly instead. Call us at 1300 062 582 or email us at contact@cnacleaning.com.au. You may also use our website’s enquiry form.