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Unwanted graffiti can have an enormous impact on one’s business or home. It can first and foremost create a negative first impression for customers and anyone else approaching or passing by the graffiti of your business. It can also be quite damaging to the value of the property and if left alone can cause some surfaces to disintegrate. Graffiti can cause a number of issues, including premature brick crumbling and in the worst circumstances if this is not thoroughly looked at can cause structural failure.

When graffiti is sprayed onto surfaces like brick, concrete, sandstone and even granite it quite often soak deep into the surface. These surfaces, because they are weakened and vulnerable can then be damaged further through incorrect chemical usage, harsh scrubbing and the incorrect use of high-pressure cleaning machines.

At CNA Cleaning Services we believe that removing graffiti is best done by identifying the right cleaning formulation that will match the specific surface the graffiti has been sprayed onto and which will also be effective against the specific type of paint used to apply the graffiti. There is no single one way to remove graffiti so it is important to have professionals take a look at it to ensure they are using techniques and equipment which are going to be effective for the specific circumstance.

Our dedicated teams of cleaning professionals and specialists will talk with you prior to commencing both cleaning and removing the graffiti. This is done not only in an effort to find a chemical solution match that is going to be the most effective but also so that we can work with you to find a time when it is most suitable to remove the graffiti.

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