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Hard Floor Maintenance

Taking Care of Hardwood Flooring, carpet, and tile cleaning.

The difference that sparkling clean tiled and wooden floors make to any room is substantial. Not only can they lift the room and make it feel cleaner overall, but often the shine or glossy appearance is aesthetically pleasing to onlookers and assists in creating a more relaxing and organised space overall. Sparkling clean floors in a home, retail environment, office environment or even a supermarket also make it easier and safer for people to move around as well; especially when any spills, stains, wet patches, rough patches or uneven textures have been cleaned and smoothed over.

Without question, the benefits of having a clean floor outweigh the costs of leaving it untouched. However, there is a specialised technique to cleaning hard floors and often it involves using specific chemicals and machines that not only clean the surfaces thoroughly but also protect the material of the floor. The latter is particularly important when it comes to wooden floors as certain harsh chemicals can strip wood of varnish, colour, pattern, softness and create an unwanted aged appearance.

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Standard mopping sometimes is not enough to get that ideal thorough clean and can actually become quite impractical and time-consuming if the surface area requiring cleaning is quite expansive. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals are trained in using specialised machines and chemicals which not only deliver a thorough clean to hard floors in an efficient time but also protect the vulnerable materials from damage and aging.

Regardless of whether the surface area is small, large used regularly or sparsely our teams are able to cater to your hard flooring needs. Floors are such an important part of providing a safe environment that is why our teams take particularly detailed care in making sure they are not only looking well maintained but are safe for people to use.

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