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Cleaning of Healthcare, Medical, Hospital and Dental Institutions

Hospitals, medical centres, dental practices, laboratories, pathology and blood collection centres and aged care centres are just some of the most critical institutions in our community. Due to the nature of their business, all of them require the most vigilant and highest quality of cleaning. In fact, most require hospital grade hygiene standards to be met even those which are not hospitals. This is to ensure the environments are suitable for all staff, patients, and residents to work, live and visit safely.

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    Medical Centres and Aged Care Centres

    Patients and aged care residents can be particularly at risk of incurring injury or experiencing illness or worse caused by unclean and unhygienic environments. Many of these institutions are visited by people who are already experiencing illness or injury and many have specific high-touch areas that are different to the high-touch areas of other businesses often missed by services not specialised in healthcare cleaning. These high-touch areas include surfaces such as waiting rooms, bathroom door handles, front reception benches, treating rooms, operating suites, as well as patient chairs, beds and observation rooms.

    That is why CNA Cleaning Services’ team of cleaning professionals use the most up-to-date cleaning technologies and the most suitable chemicals each and every time. Because of the high-risk nature of these types of cleans teams use high quality personal protection equipment (PPE) and undertake each and every clean with extremely thorough care, detail and caution.

    We want your healthcare medical or dental business to support the health and safety of all its staff and patrons. That is why our dedicated team of experts can cater for various sized institutions and no matter the location or the condition of the pre-existing environment we prioritise the same result – a safe and hygienic environment for all.