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Pressure washing is a specialised type of cleaning which requires the use of a high-powered water pressure machine. Unlike a standard garden hose a pressure washing machine uses an inbuilt motor to send water from the tap through the machine and connected hose and onto a surface at a high speed and intense velocity.

The pressure of the released water is what makes it such a favourable cleaning technique, as the velocity is typically strong enough to tackle hardened stains, grime or uneven surfaces far greater and more efficiently than a normal hose would.

There are multiple types of pressure washing machines each with different velocities, lengths and styles of hoses, as well as a multitude of hose heads and connective parts. This is because there are many uses of a pressure washing machine everything from windows, cars, driveways, pathways, outdoor walls as well as signs and hard surfaces. Their versatility of them is what makes them such an efficient cleaning technology.

Our dedicated teams are trained in the use of pressure washing machines and can come prepared with a variety of different adaptions and connective parts to ensure the surface that you need cleaning is thoroughly taken care of. If there are multiple different surface types that need pressure hosing this is not an issue, our team is always happy to discuss this with you.

We like to work with clients throughout the whole process to ensure that their cleaning needs and any enquiries they have are met. We pride ourselves in providing open and honest communication with all of our clients. Please feel free to get in contact with our customer service team if you have any questions relating to our specialised cleaning services or for an appointment.

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