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Retail Cleaning

Cleaning of Large, Medium and Small Retail

CNA Cleaning Services cater to all types of chain and independent supermarkets, retail boutiques and galleries. Most of these businesses experience large volumes of visitors and customers each day and during peak periods can often reach numbers in the hundreds hourly. Not only does the sheer number of people walking through these spaces impact its cleanliness but these businesses often promote touching and trying of products resulting in hundreds of high-touch surfaces in need of cleaning.

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Small Retail Stores and Boutiques

Current regulations in Victoria require retail stores to remain vigilant in their cleaning routines. Whilst these are mandatory requirements are in line with the government’s COVID Safe protocols these types of businesses are still required to undergo consistent, regular and thorough cleaning in order to protect safe and consumers and prevent against the transmission of viruses. This is mostly due to the foot traffic and close interaction that the general public has with retail stores.

Our team of cleaning experts are trained in providing the highest quality cleans in both a timely and efficient manner. We know that businesses like retail stores and boutiques rely on being able to be open in order to flourish and in order to provide what consumers require. We are dedicated to working with our clients to assess the needs of the business in-depth so that we can provide them with the service that is best suited to their requirements.

We prioritise talking with owners, managers and supervisors closely and openly in order to assess their needs, plan out what the best type of service is for them and to arrange a time for when it works best to undertake the cleaning. Our dedicated team of experts can cater for various businesses, irrespective of the location or condition of the pre-existing environment we prioritise the same result – a safe and hygienic environment for all.