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School Cleaning in Melbourne

Now more than ever it is essential to provide a safe and hygienic environment for all staff and students to work, learn and play in. That is why we are dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards when it comes to providing cleaning services to all types of education-focused organisations. The organisations we cater for include kindergartens, preschools, both primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, TAFE institutions, and tutoring centres across Melbourne.

Kindergartens and Preschools

Environments which play host to young children should be regularly disinfected in order to protect them, the other children, staff, and families from spreading viruses and getting sick. Young children spread germs very quickly so routine cleaning is important. Our dedicated team’s experts are skilled in isolating particularly important areas such as bathrooms, classrooms, break rooms, nap areas and hallways.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Students are more likely to have a better learning experience if their environments are clean and safe for them to learn and play in. The same goes for staff who often perform better if their teaching space is hygienic. Clean classrooms, locker rooms, staff rooms and common rooms also help to minimise sick days for both students and teachers.

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Colleges, Universities and TAFE Institutions

Facilities which are clean and disinfected often help to improve the learning experience for university students, tutors and all staff. Universities encompass a wide range of different settings from laboratories to libraries and our dedicated team are equipped with both the knowledge and skill to be able to thoroughly disinfect all shared spaces at Universities and TAFE environments.

These are institutions where the priority of everyone on campus or anyone walking in or visiting on-site, should be learning, providing education, interacting with their community, and exploring what the world has to offer.

Our dedicated team is capable of catering services for various institutions and the location or condition of the environment, we prioritise the same result – a safe and hygienic environment for all.

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